Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Athletics day

This year on Friday the 10th of November we had our athletics day at our school field. Everyone from years 1 - 8 got into their year level line. The house colours were green, yellow, red and blue. We all were sitting on the count waiting for us to be called to go to our station.

First we have softball throw once we finish playing softball throw we went to play a game where you Jump over some steroids then  Zig Zag through the poles. Only one person at a time while playing this game. The winners of this game was the green  which I’m in. Next was we went of Dodge ball which was a fun game to play. If you don’t know how to play dodge ball it's where you go down and when they say go you get up and run and try get a ball on the line so that you can hit someone with it .

My Favourite thing at athletics was high jump for those that don’t know what high jump is well high jump is where there is a big mat like a bed for you too fall on once you jump over this long pole once you have made it over you will walk over to the middle. After when you have made the high jump you move on to the next level but if the pole gets higher and higher it mean it starts to get harder and harder.

My second favourite Station was doing sprints. If you haven't did sprints before well doing sprints is just like running but you're running as fast as you can in your own lines.After you have raced and you came 1st 2nd 3nd then you go to the next race with all the other fast girls . The top 3 will go to interzones.

This years Athletics was really a fun time to enjoy and have a go. I had a fantastic time at our school athletics. I am looking forward for next years athletics as it is going to be my last athletics at Pt england school.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Revival & Aneelis- Guy Fawkes

WALT -connecting and comparing.  I relate information and ideas from texts to my own experience to form an opinion.  
Instructions:1 - 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Aneelis's Home Learning

Introduction : Brand new start to the year, we were going to talk about being in team 5 how did it feel like what was it like in team 5. Well as you can see team 5 was like being in a bigger year with like the year 9’s or maybe year 8’s too.
Information : Back at pt england school in term 1 we were learning about Finish ALL our work of properly. But that was all back in term 1 it was really good learning in class we have to finish all our work of properly so once we were getting up to term 2 we have already finished back in term 1.
Information : Once term 1 was pass term 2 came by so we stayed in our home class’s learning all about our youself. Then meeting students form year 8 learning about what our self is about
Information : Team 5 well team 5 was a big class when we would always come to the street every morning seeing what would we have in the morning. Team 5 started off with a strong start to the year that's why we all had to Show what awesome looks like for team 5 .
Conclusion : As  a year 7 in team 5 I have become more open and out going too strive to succeed which is is our Pt England school motto. I will finish off with my own motto, participation is my key to success.