Friday, 24 August 2018

Aneelis's Justifying our Thinking

How to be a secret agent Upstander

An upstander is someone who helps others who are in need that are suffering , starvation , also don’t have anywhere to go that's how you can help other to be a upstander .

For like example helping others that have been bullied for the past few weeks like untrue or harmful messages from spreading around to others you could make a change to be a secret agent upstander . Also you could help make a stop too bullies that say unkind badful words and be a secret agent upstander .

Another way is to help others learn how to be kind also say words that are not mean but helpful words to other like in class or maybe another places .

Being a upstander and helping others is a really big helpful thing around others also making our world a lot better as well . There can be many ways of being a upstander so how will you be a secret agent upstander .

What would you do if someone is in need or has nowhere to go . You could be the next secret agent upstander or a special upstander that will help change the world but not just change but make it a better place for everyone everywhere .

Monday, 6 August 2018

How I fell off the roof

As you can see me and my family are a sports family who love to try other new sports . We also like training for Athletics and other activities as well.
Yesterday once I came back from Netball from our 2nd place win . As soon as I came home getting ready for my training with my dad . I went to go get my rugby ball from the roof .

But as soon as I got the ball and threw it off the roof before I suddenly came tumbling down fast as like I was rushing down if I was getting chased by someone on the roof .

Well I came tumbling down and fell off the roof trying to come down onto my dad's shoulders . But then suddenly I still came tumbling down on my dad’s shoulders .

After I came tumbling down the roof leaving me a sore bruised leg . My Mum dashed too me as soon as possible making sure that I haven’t broke a leg . Also my dad was asking if I was ok to make sure I was all right .

After tumbling down the roof I was thinking that I would never got to play sports any more if I broke a leg it would of been over for me if I had a broke leg . But then lucky for me I was so happy that I never broke a leg but still had a sore bruised leg .

And thats how I fell off the roof for the first time the end .