Monday, 19 March 2018


Why should we start on watching movies in class?

It might be good for kids to be watching movies in class to get ideas.Well watching movies can help with reading, but its like when you are reading a book and you just imagine that its a movie in your head . Some movies can help by telling you an example by getting information by testing out your new skills in learning . How by learning new things in the movie some movies are telling you what this means in lots of way of learning . Like for example Maths or reading or writing and there will be playing a movie about how we can get better and better at maths and more .  

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Making nacho at tech

Today is a new day for making hot food today what we made was nacho as you can see Miss haka was telling us how to make nacho . My buddy has been samoa for cooking class . How do we make nacho is we had to go get our mince cut it up and cut up our onion once we were done cuting our things up we had to go add oil in to the pan and away we started to cook . Yes once we were done cooking our mince and onion we had to go get a bow of chips inside then we had to put the  mince and onion on top of the chips with some melted cheese on top . Thanks to Miss haka for showing us how to make nacho.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Making soup at tech

Second day of tech today as you can see we are making soup today with Miss Haka and my buddy was samoa before we started to learn how to make soup we had to get our pan get some and put the oil in the pan. Next we had to get our onion out to get it ready to cut once we had cut our onion we had to cut our butternut squash next we had to add in our green curry into the hot water and mix it . Next we got ready to cook our yummy soup . when you are done cooking your soup you can add it with a bread and done Thanks to Miss haka for showing us how to make soup .

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Making pizza

First day of cooking class for yr 8's going to tech today we were making pizza at tech. The topping was tomato paste with pineapple and ham and cheese on top. But before we were making pizza we had to find a buddy to bake and work with my buddy was Samoa.Once we had to find a buddy we had to learn about how to make pizza but our cooking teacher Ms Hake told us we are going to learn how to make pizza but not just that we are going to learn about vegetarian people and how they get lots of  vegetarian and not that much meat like us but they get vegetarian meat same but a bit different to us .