Thursday, 17 September 2015

Aneelis Cloze Reading - Number one

Task - Fill in the gaps
First, read the whole piece of writing through to get an idea of what it is about. Then fill each space with ONE word so that the whole piece of writing makes sense. You can go back and change answers as you go.

It's Saturday morning. Rain, hail or sunshine, I get up early, and get dressed in my rugby league gear: black shorts, green-and-yellow socks, and a bright yellow jersey with green stripes and a big black number 10 on the back.

"Your jersey number 10," said 1 Mum, "but you're my number one!"son 2 get to the grounds, and pasnttly 3 wait to play. Mum whispers in my 4 ear. "Watch the ball all the time 5, son." The whistle blows. The other guys kick the ball. players 6 all run towards it. I hear  my 7 Mum's voice. "The ball, Te Hiko – kick 8 the ball!" Where is it? I run. There it is! Then _____9 hear my Mum's voice! "Grab the _____10, son. Go!" I pick it up and run. Mum calls out, "Hold on _____11 the ball, Te Hiko!" I try _____12 pass it to my mates, but _____13 in the way. I tuck it _____14 my arm and run for the _____15. Oops! I'm tackled, and I crash _____16 the ground. I've lost the ball. _____17 scramble to my feet. I've had enough. But Mum's voice _____18 in the air, "Get the ball, !" _____19. There it is! I grab it _____20 run. Suddenly the goal line disappears. I can't hear my Mum _____21 more. I crash to the ground _____22. And then the whistle blows. Too _____23 to score. I've blown it again. I look around for Mum. And _____24 she is, all smiles. It's just _____25 announced that I'm player of the ! _____26 She gives me a big hug. "_____27 you, son," she says. "I told _____28 you're my number one!"

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