Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Making Yummy Macaroni and cheese

Today is a New day making yummy macaroni and cheese . Before you got started Miss heaka was telling us how to make macaroni and cheese with pasta, milk, bread crumbs, cheese, butter , ham , . First of all we had to put half a water into a pot . Once we have did that we had to cut our ham into pieces .Next we had to mix our pasta we my buddy had to make the source for the macaroni and cheese . Next we had to cook it yum . THANKS YOU MISS HEAKA


  1. Hi Aneelis. This sounds like a delicious meal. It was good of you to include a photo also, and to thank the teacher who helped you learn how to do this.

  2. Hi Aneelis,
    My name is Aaliyah, I am a year 7 student currently attending St Pius X. I really liked how you had instructions for how you made the Macaroni and Cheese, and I also liked how you gave credit to your teacher. I think you should reread your writing before you post it.
    Other than that, I think your writing was very insightful.

    Great Job!

  3. Hey Annelis,
    My name is Macky, I'm a year 8 students attending St Pius X School. I just want to say that I love how you gave us instructions to read of how you made the Macaroni & cheese. Maybe you can reread your writing when you think your finished. Keep up the good work!!!:)

  4. Hey there Aneelis,

    My name is Katelyn and I am a year 8 student from St Pius x school.
    That looks like some really tasty Mac and cheese that you guys made. I really enjoyed how you added the photo so we could see the end result. Maybe next time you could double check your post for correct spelling.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Annelis,
    My name is Lini, I am a year 8 student at St Pius x School, I really like the way you explain how to make Macaroni and cheese. Maybe if you reread your writing that would be good but other than that keep up the great work :)