Friday, 19 February 2016


The story goes like this. One day a girl called Ruby,she wanted to play rugby so she asked her dad and mum if she can play rugby, but her parents said no because they wanted her to play netball,but she hated it so much,so she didn't listen to her mum and dad,so she followed her dreams so she lied to her parents that she is going to her netball training but she went to rugby training.

She loved it and every time her mum asked her why is she so dirty every time you come home from her training so she said mum, “we have to train on the grass because they are making a new big court for netball” ,so her mum believed her,so she continued lieing

to her mum and dad, But one day her mum wanted to go and check up on her at training so she drove pass and she didn't see her at the netball training so, she went just around the corner and she saw her tackling so she just watched her training and looking at her how much she enjoyed herself so she didn't want her to know she was at her training so she went back home and just waited for her to come from her training so she can ask her how was training.

So when ruby got home her mum asked her how was training she said “it was good mum” so her mum said to her are you telling me the truth!!! So Ruby stopped and look back at her mum and said “mum I lied to you and dad but I love Rugby so much but if you and dad don’t want me to play Rugby I won’t play any sports”,but I am so sorry for lying to you guy’s it’s all up to you guy’s,so mum said I came and I just wanted to see how was your training and I was watching you tackling and how you enjoyed it so much.

I will talk to dad about it ok. But you have to say sorry to your dad for lying ok. I was over the moon what my mum said to me,I felt so good now that I don’t have to lie about it anymore.

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  1. Hey aneelis I just want to say great story and i like your hard work on it


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