Monday, 2 July 2018

Force & Motion with the Dark Unknowns

Task Description - 
Today we did a presentation with my team called Dark Unknowns. We had to show ways what force & motion does or goes somewhere in many ways . You may get to see in our presentation we did not get to do force & motion because I or we may have forgot to bring the things we needed to use .  Thanks for reading my blog post be sure to check out my other team mates blog to find out what was happening . Please be sure to leave a comment on my blog same to my team mates too . Thanks  
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  1. Excellent work my friend, you did a great job with your group, keep working hard and you will be able to succeed in your dreams.
    All My Love,
    From Trendy

  2. Kia ora Aneelis,

    Your group did a lot of research to find different experiments - which one do you think would best show others something interesting about forces and how things move?

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your work on your blog in Term 3!


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