Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The falling plane.

The falling plane.
On sunday I was going on a adventure with my family until a plane came Directly my way. When I looked at the back to see what was coming my way I was scared because the plane was coming my way. I ran away as fast as I could to get to the car.

While I was driving the car the car started to run out of gas.So then I saw some animals going past me. I wanted to go so that the plane could not kill me. When I went to the car it ran out of gas. So then I had to start running home but I saw a amazing white truck. But it had the keys inside the truck so I grabbed a Rock and threw it at the window so the window could crack. I opened the door I went to, get the keys out of the truck so I got in and droved back home I thought that this is an adventure.

When the adventure was over I went to go and have a water. I  was so happy that I got, home I went home and went to bed so I could go to sleep. When I got up I opened my curtains and when, I looked outside their was a plane. But my parents said we could go on it.
                    The End.

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