Tuesday, 10 November 2015

whale watch

  1. Max said he wore a necklace for good luck. What was the good luck he was hoping for?
    • To see a whale

  1. Why did Lester put the hydrophone in the water?
    •  make squeals and clicking sounds that the hydrophone can "hear

  1. Why did Lester take the whale watchers five kilometres offshore?

    • The water out there is one and a half kilometres deep.

  1. What are two possible reasons for the hydrophone not picking up any sounds?
    • asleep,coming to the surface

  1. The words "We waited …and waited…" have been written in large print to make them stand out. What might this tell us about how Max was feeling?
    • scad,nervous,.
  2. What was the first clue Max had, that a whale was at the surface near the boat?
    •  Then, close by, we heard a rush of air. File:HumpbackWhaleBreaching.

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