Thursday, 5 November 2015

Aneelis egg friend

On wednesday the 21th of oct I got to school Mr Bax give us an egg. I said to him why do we have an egg? Mr Bax said it will be your very own egg friend. I thought it was very strange having an egg friend.

I have not had a egg friend before so Mr Bax said we can  draw on it and we had to name our egg friend.Then we were going to walk to the park to play a egg friend game.

Then when we got to the park we had to do the Spoon challenge it was an game when you had to put your egg friend on the spoon.I said to Mr Bax someone can break there egg friend then can not play the spoon game.

My favourite part was when we had to do the spoon game at the park and it was sad because someone had to break there egg and say good bye to my one.

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