Thursday, 22 September 2016

The life of Usain Bolt

Once upon a time the story goes like this.There was a boy who lived in a house with his mum. He woke up late and jumped out of bed and rushed out the door saying goodbye to his mum.

Once Usain bolt got to school he started to get on with his work he started to get so bored in class when he was done and the Bell went.But he looked into his bag but he had forgotten to get his Lunch off his mum.

He walked out of class feeling hungry. He started to look at the kids that had lunch but suddenly he saw a teacher saying, “Would you like some of my lunch?” He said he had to race a boy just up to the tree.

They started to race. He started to come second. He looked back at the lunch and he his stomach started to growl! Looking towards the finish line, he finished it off with a big bang! His foot cross the finish line millimetres in front of the other boy and his teacher  give him a big feast.

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