Friday, 17 March 2017

The most extreme polyfest day.

On Thursday the 16th of March, The whole of team 5 ( Year 7 & 8’s )  went  on a  Amazing trip to Poly fest. We all had to sit there in our class lines, in the hot sun .

One of my highlights of the day was walking round with my best friends,Drinking yummy smoothies a taking some cool photo’s in the booth with my best friends.

My 2nd highlight for polyfest was learning new things about Polyfest, Eating new things from polyfest that I have never eaten, playing some games, and winning some fans and other prizes.

My 3rd highlight for the day was dancing with my best friends and watching people dance on the stage and showing off their beautiful talents to the audience.

It was my first time at Polyfest, and I think it was Amazing. For all of you who haven’t been you should definitely go there one day.   And if you want to see some of our highlight video just go down an click the link.


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