Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Weekly Quiz

Weekly Quiz
Why has the Whanganui River been in the news?
a) it has become the first landmark in the world to be recognised as a living entity.

Former well-known New Zealand circus animal died recently in a San Diego Zoo. What type of animal was Jumbo?
a) an elephant her name was mila.

True or false, Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has been put on hold by a federal judge?

Where were the recent national freediving championships held?  c) Lake Taupo

Over 113 people lost their lives in Ethiopia last week when …? c) a rubbish pile collapsed on top of homes 6.

Which of the following workers went on strike last week?  b) Auckland University staff .

What is the Bung the Bore campaign about?
c) it is a campaign against the bottling and exporting of New Zealand water by offshore companies.

A decision to strip Durban city of the 2022 Commonwealth Games was made last week. In which country is Durban? a)South Africa.

True or false, new research has shown that over 80% of New Zealand teenagers have no time limits put on their use of technology screen time?

Over 800 people participated in a fishing competition at Ninety Mile beach. What type of fish were they trying to catch? a) Snapper

Which fast food chain had negative comments about Donald Trump posted on their twitter account when it was hacked ? b) McDonald’s

True or false, the Government is considering banning unvaccinated kids from early education? False

Around 22,000 participants took part in Crufts last week. What is Crufts? a) a dog show

Which New Zealand city has been called ‘world class’ by Lonely Planet travel guide for its street art? c) Christchurch

What caused the biggest timed bicycle race in the world to be called off last week? b) gale force winds were knocking riders off their bikes

Name the famous singer in this image. Justin Bieber.

Who is hiding in this moving box? Adele
What caused this scene in Chicago last week?       c) St Patrick’s Day

Which country has this flag? Pakistan

What is the name of this iconic New Zealand cartoon? Footrot Flats

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