Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Aneelis's Home Learning

Introduction : Brand new start to the year, we were going to talk about being in team 5 how did it feel like what was it like in team 5. Well as you can see team 5 was like being in a bigger year with like the year 9’s or maybe year 8’s too.
Information : Back at pt england school in term 1 we were learning about Finish ALL our work of properly. But that was all back in term 1 it was really good learning in class we have to finish all our work of properly so once we were getting up to term 2 we have already finished back in term 1.
Information : Once term 1 was pass term 2 came by so we stayed in our home class’s learning all about our youself. Then meeting students form year 8 learning about what our self is about
Information : Team 5 well team 5 was a big class when we would always come to the street every morning seeing what would we have in the morning. Team 5 started off with a strong start to the year that's why we all had to Show what awesome looks like for team 5 .
Conclusion : As  a year 7 in team 5 I have become more open and out going too strive to succeed which is is our Pt England school motto. I will finish off with my own motto, participation is my key to success.

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