Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Making French toast

Day 5 or 6 Making French toast at tech with Miss Heaka . Today what we were making was French toast before we just got in to making French toast Miss Heaka told us what we had to get and how to make it . What we were using to make French toast we had to get cinnamon , milk , egg , and we had to put it into our bowl . Then we had to mix mix mix. Once we were done mixing it we had to get 4 slices of bread to cut in half . Next we had to cut our butter into kind of big squares then we had to dip the bread into the bowl and cook it on our pan . Yum Once we have done cooking our nice yummy French toast . THANKS to MISS HEAKA for showing us how to make yummy French toast .

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  1. Hey Aneelis,

    That french toast looks delicious. I really enjoyed how you explained how you made it so that others can try it out. I also really liked how you included a image of the finished product.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Katelyn : )


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