Friday, 20 May 2016

Aneelis The Fab Four

Meet my superhero Blue Shadow the predictor.Blue shadow is a super that is a shadow that like to save people when they are need.Blue Shadow is a superhero that goes under cover she is just like a spy that spy’s on bad guy’s.When she is ready to attack the bad guy’s with out been seen from the light because she can turn in to a shadow.Then she makes a move from the dark by attack them form be hide so that no one no’s what happen.

But then Blue Shadow saw a bad guy coming towards her the bad guy saw her and went after Blue Shadow with Blue Shadow she was getting ready to attack.But the bad guy ran a way from Blue Shadow because Blue Shadow attack his friend from be hide he did not want to come to Blue Shadow.Blue Shadow went after him he ran a way so Blue Shadow want to fly and get him she caught up to him and attack him.Her work was done here.

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