Friday, 20 May 2016

Aneelis Immersion Assembly

KAPOW! BOOF! Guess what? It was the first day of Term 2 and everyone was so excited!! And everyone was getting ready for school to come and enjoy and learn new things at school and have fun.

When we were on our way to the school hall looking so thrilled. So we were getting ready to see our movie and finally we saw our movie it had some amazing characters in the movie like Marvel Avengers but instead our one was called Teacher Vengers.

When Bear Baxendine wanted to get a chromebook so he ran away from the classroom the superhero came to save the chromebook from the evil Bear Baxendine.After the Superhero went after the chromebook but Oh no Bear  Baxendine defeated the super hero’s like POW!!!  BOOF!!! And got defeated from Bear Baxendine.

But then the Teacher Avengers were on there way to save the superhero from evil Bear Baxendine Bat Guy went to save the superhero and Team leader america and Wonder woman went to go and defeated the evil Bear Baxendine. In came Team leader america  BOOF POW Bat Guy ran and BOOM KAPOW !!!! BANG!!!! . Then it was time for prison time for Bear Baxendine.

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