Thursday, 16 June 2016

Painting the Town

Hi my Name is Aneelis,
And I am here to tell you what the shapes mean in my kind of way.

1.The Heart means like when poor people needs help and struggles to get money and try to help  people.

2. The Next shape is the Star the star means like when people try there best to help out the poor people that struggles  to get money.

3. The Circle mean about money well as you can see sometimes money can be evil and that is why you use your money wisely .

4. Next the diamond the diamond means people that likes having best friends a round them like to have fun and have a happy day with there best friends.

5.The last one is the swarley one it means the ones that you love in your family will always be there for you no matter what even if you need help.
                                 And this one is my best 2 Art.

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  1. Hi Aneelis
    I like your followers i like how you explain what you do about it. just keep working hard and do your best in class while you are working.


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