Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Paul Martin

Hey Guess what have you wanted to meet Paul Martin will term 4 meeted Paul Martin have you ever made a graphic novel ? will Paul Martin have been telling us about graphic novel and how did he first  started making his first  Book.

Hey did you know that he was making his own comic book and he was good at diding drawing and he is the best at artist.Did you know that Paul Martin maked up his own story.In his story was Kory the Kiwi and his friend the Bert the green gecko they were off on a adventure.

My best part was when Paul Martin was saying about his story when he was telling us about who was in the story and they were Kory the Kiwi and  the Bert the green gecko. Paul Martin came to your class and draw with us.

Did you know that Paul Martin was play for the chiefs in rugby.And some of us got Paul Martin comic book and got to read it.And a BIG BIG THANKYOU to Paul Martin for come to your school.And telling us all about you .

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